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USD 39,270 /yr

Average Base Pay

Low Average High

Average annual salary:

USD 35,360

Lower end of salary range

USD 38,480

Average of salary range

USD 41,600

Higher end of salary range

Cities in Nebraska with the Most Jobs for Shipping/Receivings

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Latest Shipping/Receivings Jobs

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Job Title Company Salary
Shipping and Receiving Associate TSA Manufacturing USD 37,440
Shipping/Receiving & Production Assistant Screen Ink. USD 32,240
Shipping Receiving Marathon Ventures Inc USD 33,280
Shipping and Receiving Clerk Miba Industrial Bearings USD 45,760
Shipping and Receiving CIRA TEKNICS USD 36,400
Parts Shipping & Receiving Gorges Volvo Cars USD 31,200
Shipping/Receiving Coordinator Associated Staffing Incorporated USD 41,600
Shipping & Receiving International Gamco USD 38,865

Companies With Most Job Postings in Nebraska For Shipping/Receivings

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Shipping/Receivings job postings and salaries in Nebraska:

Q What are the typical job responsibilities for shipping/receiving positions in Nebraska?
A The typical job responsibilities for shipping/receiving positions in Nebraska include handling incoming and outgoing shipments, managing inventory, packaging and labeling products for shipment, operating forklifts and other warehouse machinery, coordinating with carriers for transportation, and maintaining accurate records of all transactions.
Q What qualifications are required for shipping/receiving jobs in Nebraska?
A Qualifications for shipping/receiving jobs in Nebraska generally include a high school diploma or equivalent, previous warehouse or shipping experience, proficiency in inventory software and data entry, strong organizational skills, and the ability to lift heavy objects. Some employers may also require certification in operating heavy machinery, such as forklifts.
Q How can I find shipping/receiving job openings in Nebraska?
A To find shipping/receiving job openings in Nebraska, you can search online job boards, visit company career pages, attend job fairs, use staffing agencies that specialize in warehouse and logistics roles, network within industry groups, and check with local unemployment offices. It's also beneficial to set up alerts on job search platforms to receive notifications of new listings.
Q What factors influence the salaries for shipping/receiving positions in Nebraska?
A Salaries for shipping/receiving positions in Nebraska are influenced by factors such as the level of experience, the complexity of the job duties, the size and industry of the employer, the geographical location within the state, and the current demand for warehouse personnel. Certifications and special skills, such as hazardous materials handling or advanced equipment operation, can also affect compensation levels.

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