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Explore our list of highly recommended salary surveys, below. Every survey can be loaded into CompTool and used for your market pricing and salary benchmarking.

Recommended Salary Surveys

The Compensation Tool was designed to host your salary surveys, allowing you to get more than ever before. The salary surveys and compensation data providers listed below are a small number of the surveys that the Compensation Tool can support, but are highly recommended.  


Culpepper Compensation salary surveys provide market data that organizations need to attract, engage, and retain talent. Thousands of organizations use our survey market data to benchmark their global compensation programs. Comprehensive data is provided for base salaries, salary structures, short-term cash incentives, total cash compensation, equity compensation & long-term incentives, total direct compensation, incentive eligibility, hourly pay rates, shift differentials, compensation ratios, and more.


Thousands of companies around the world, in tens of industries, representing millions of employees, share their compensation data with Aon every year. Together, this data forms one of the largest sources f compensation intelligence anywhere in the market.


Whether you’re a pre-commercial biotech or a leading pharmaceutical, you’ll benefit from a global survey platform spanning thousands of executive, scientific and business roles in 50 countries.  Radford has industry leading surveys for Technology, Sales, Life Sciences and a Pre-IPO organizations.


Willis Towers Watson Data Services is a leading  compensation data provider, providing benefit and employment practice information to the global employer community. The databases provide by Willis Towers Watson are recognized worldwide as a premier source of current data for compensation planning.


Getting reward right helps you attract, retain and engage the best people in the most cost-effective way possible. For almost 70 years, Korn Ferry has been collecting data on job size – the thing that most obviously drives pay. Today Korn Ferry collects pay data for over 20 million employees working for more than 25,000 companies in over 150 countries.


The Compensation and HR Group offers a wide variety of published surveys, as well as customized compensation and HR surveys tailored to your organization. The CHRG Compensation Survey (free to participants) is a national survey with over 400 participants and up to 3,400 jobs with more than 180 disciplines.


Croner Surveys are the benchmark for compensation market data in specific industry segments. Croner reports contain everything you need to know to be competitive in attracting, retaining and motivating talent.


To validate or improve your compensation program’s competitiveness, the first step is to objectively compare your program against similar organizations in your industry. Compensation surveys from Gallagher’s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice allow you to take a deeper look at the subsurface issues impacting your pay practices.


The Benchmark Compensation Survey includes more than 800 executive, managerial, and individual contributor jobs in a wide range of functional areas and industries. The survey provides information on compensation policies and practices, including recruitment and retention bonuses, stock option programs, on-call pay, salary and structure increases and co-op programs.


Conducted specialized surveys for over 10,000 global organizations and covers a wide variety of industries including high technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, financial services, retail, consumer products, media and advertising, entertainment, agricultural, and educational institutions.


Foote Partners tracks and reports up-to-date base salaries in 87 North America cities and metro areas for more than 235 tech jobs and cash pay premiums for 1,078 certified and non-certified technology skills. There is no self-reporting, no aggregated data sources or compilation of others’ surveys.


Mercer Benchmark Database delivers critical insights on how much to pay your employees of all skill levels and career streams—from traditional benchmark positions to emerging roles. The MBD allows you to harness valuable data on a broad range of jobs, including those in position families


Birches Group conducts in-depth compensation and benefits surveys that take the pulse of global labor markets, making it one of the top compensation data providers.


For 45 years Dietrich has supported employers with timely and accurate salary reports – data that’s necessary to compete and prosper. Dietrich provides salary information to assist with every type of compensation decision, from metropolitan area comparisons to market-rate movement. 


PAS conducts and publishes construction industry compensation and benefit surveys. Some of their surveys include: Executive Compensation Survey For Contractors, Construction / Construction Management Staff Salary, Construction Support Staff Salary, Benefit Survey For Contractors, Merit Shop Wage & Benefit Survey For Contractors, Heavy, Highway and Municipal Wages & Benefit Survey, Aggregate Industry Compensation Survey


Pearl Meyer offers salary surveys covering your organization’s unique employee population segments. Separately, each salary survey provides the most comprehensive perspective on total compensation for the broadest groups of positions available. Combined, the surveys paint a complete picture of total compensation, giving you the only data resource you need to establish and manage your employee pay and reward strategy.


Akron Incorporated manages the Compensation Survey sponsored by DC SHRM chapter. Akron’s salary surveys include the: NCA Compensation Survey, NCA Government Contractors Compensation Survey as well as a Think Tank Compensation Survey. For questions regardin their surveys, visit the link above, or email them at


MGMA is proud to collaborate with healthcare industry professionals to contribute vast amounts of information to MGMA DataDive, based from annual surveys that focus on every detail of the medical practice management industry.


SullivanCotter has provided the most comprehensive total compensation data, analyses and reporting to a wide variety of organizations including for-profit and not-for-profit health care, higher education, public charities, associations and foundations.


The NACE Salary Survey provides starting salary projections and data for college graduates at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels in a variety of majors—including business, engineering, the liberal arts, and tech-related disciplines. This survey is free for NACE members, and an affordable $315 for non-members.  


Empsight Compensation Surveys are participant only. You must participate in our surveys in order to gain access to the results at the current year participant rates (if you purchase outside of our survey cycle you must pay a future participant rate and agree to participate in the next year).  

CEL National Real Estate Comp and Benenfits Survey

The CEL National Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey has become the national standard for the real estate industry. For over two decades the annual CEL compensation survey has provided accurate, timely and confidential compensation information to hundreds of participants and hundreds of CEL client compensation evaluations and decisions. No other survey is as comprehensive or offers equivalent validity based upon so many years of results. The survey incorporates over 190 positions and nearly 400 participant companies in the office, industrial, retail, residential, advisory and brokerage/services sectors. It incorporates public and private companies engaged in investment, management, development, construction, leasing and many other real estate functions.

HR Source

HR Source is an association for employers that conducts and publishes benchmarking surveys for employers. The survey reports include compensation rates, benefit offerings, employment policies, practices and more. Recent surveys include a Benefits Surveys,  Illinois Executive Compensation Survey, the  Illinois Non-Profit Survey and more. The entire list can be found here: