Market Data

Squirrel, our market data solution, provides real-time wage and salary survey data.

Salary Survey Management

Tired of managing multiple spreadsheets? CompTool consolidates everything.

Market Pricing & Benchmarking

Market pricing and compensation planning is a breeze now that you can market price entire job families at once with our comp tool.


CompTool is a compensation management tool founded by a Compensation Analyst, frustrated by the salary survey managers that were either too complicated, or too expensive or too cumbersome.

CompTool’s mission is to create the most advanced market pricing compensation benchmarking tool, that also can fit into any team’s budget. In fact, CompTool is the only market pricing solution and salary survey manager that offers a free version, allowing your team to load your survey data and market price jobs to ensure a competitive position for your pay ranges.

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CompTool includes Squirrel, the only real time market data solution specifically designed for Compensation teams that need the most timely wage & salary data for compensation planning. 

Squirrel is a compensation tool with more than 40-million job postings with only employer-reported pay ranges. Using the wage data that only Squirrel can provide, your compensation team will have the most holistic and up-to-date picture of compensation in today’s labor market.


Designed by compensation practitioners to make more sense out of your salary surveys, CompTool salary benchmark tool delivers the most insightful and simplified salary survey management tool available. 

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Our compensation software is designed by compensation practitioners to make more sense out of your salary surveys. CompTool delivers the most insightful and simplified salary survey management tool available. Whether you need to search your salary surveys or participate in them, CompTool makes salary planning easy with its compensation management software.


Our team is made of seasoned compensation professionals with decades of experience in compensation management for organizations. Whether you’ve got a long-standing compensation program or are just getting started with building pay structures, our team of experts can help to ensure you’re paying competitively and fairly.

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Some of our Clients:

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Probably the most painless implementation I’ve been a part of, so thank you.

Sofia Son

Beam Suntory

I’m getting fantastic feedback from the team on the tool and improvements that have been made. The comparison functionality rocks dude!

Trey Nichols

The Home Depot

The tool is not only an enormous time-saver for our team, but really “up-levels” our analyses and market-pricing reviews. I never thought we’d actually be able to have a tool or system because of budget, so this was truly a gift. 

Kristin Dowler

TOMS Shoes

The innovating technology of Squirrel allows us to see data in real time and gauge the market. The functionality is great and has already given us a return on our investment.

Asif Ladhani

Green Thumb

Just wanted to let you know that I’m in the stores breakout of the KF retail webinar and so many people are raving about squirrel!! Congrats! Just wanted to pass on the good word.

Molly Conces

Home Depot

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