What CompTool Offers

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Benchmark Your Jobs

Whether you need to market price one job or 20 jobs, CompTool can help you automate the process quickly and easily.  

Develop Pay Structures

Need a salary structure?  CompTool and our Accounte Execs can help you build pay structures that support your business.  

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Real Time Salary Data

CompTool is the only market pricing and salary benchmarking tool that comes with Squirrel, our real time wage and salary data solution.

What is the CompTool Difference?

We’re Compensation Professionals

All of our Account Execs are tenured comp professionals.

Designed With the Fastest Technologies

Our tables load as fast as you can click a button.  

Market Price Entire Job Families at Once

Market price 12 jobs (or more) at once with CompTool

Reports & Analytics Designed by Comp

We’ve got more than 60 interactive reports.

The Only Real-Time Data Solution

Squirrel provides up to date labor market information.

Implementation is Easy

Implementation can be done in a few days.  Not months. 

We Connect to Most HRIS Systems

Automate your jobs and employee updates. 

CompTool was Made to be Easy

CompTool was designed with simplicity without sacrifice.

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Commonly Asked Questions

We know that choosing CompTool is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Some of the most common questions are answered, here:

  • How are we different?
  • How do we work with your team?
  • Can we load our own data?
How Is CompTool Different?

Market pricing tools tools are all kinda like ice cream: they’re all delicious and make life better, but some people like chocolate, and some people like strawberry (nobody like banana though…)

These are a few key points that we think are worth mentioning

  1. In CompTool, you can market price entire job families at once
  2. Searching and filtering your survey library happens instantly as you type in a key stroke (no more spinning wheels of death, waiting for the results to load)
  3. Our account reps are compensation practitioners with at least 15 years of experience, which means we’re experts in comp and the software.  
  4. CompTool includes our real time data solution, Squirrel. There’s nothing quite like it.  
  5. We’re probably a whole lot less expensive than our competitors.  

We can tell you why we’re different, but everyone values different features.  If you think it’s worth 30 minutes to see what new options you have then we’d be happy to show you.  

What’s The Implementation Process Like?

We like to say we’ll match your sense of urgency. If you need a market pricing system deployed in a couple of days, it’s actually possible with CompTool. We’ve designed our implementation templates to be easy to complete, so most clients can get everythign completed and deployed within a couple of days. Our fastest implementation is less than 24-hours and this was for a Company with more than 10,000 employees, believe it or not.  While we strive to match your speed, this incredibly fast implementation was only possible because the client was able to quickly provide all of their Company data and Salary survey data to our team.  Think you can beat this record?  Let our implementation team know and we’ll give it a shot!

Can it Connect to my HRIS?

Most HRIS systems can securely connect to CompTool so your employees can be updated on a weekly basis.  

What Surveys Work With CompTool?

CompTool’s survey library will work with almost any excel file

Discover the benefits of CompTool!