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USD 49,345 /yr

Average Base Pay

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Average annual salary:

USD 38,333

Lower end of salary range

USD 41,611

Average of salary range

USD 49,921

Higher end of salary range

Cities in California with the Most Jobs for Data Entry Specialists

Here are the top 6 cities in California with the most jobs for Data Entry Specialists and the average yearly salary in each:

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Latest Data Entry Specialists Jobs

Discover the latest competitive salaries for Data Entry Specialists in California.

Job Title Company Salary
Data Entry Clerk Metro Community Ministries Inc. USD 40,000
Accounts Payable Data Entry Clerk Grapevine Capital, Inc. USD 55,120
Data Entry RPO Inc USD 41,912
Sales Operations Data Entry Specialist IDIQ USD 45,760
Entry-Level Data Scientist/Cost Estimator Tecolote Research, Inc. USD 65,000
Data Entry Clerk R1 Concepts, Inc USD 37,440
Data Entry/Receptionist ANIMAL PEST MANAGEMENT USD 35,360
Data Entry Apria Healthcare LLC USD 37,118
Data Entry Clerk Probate Advance USD 36,400
Data Entry/Bookkeeping Pabst, Kinney & Associates Inc. USD 41,600

Companies With Most Job Postings in California For Data Entry Specialists

If you're looking for a diverse range of job opportunities, consider exploring positions at these companies, which have a significant number of Data Entry Specialists job postings in California:


Here are some frequently asked questions related to Data Entry Specialists job postings and salaries in California:

Q What qualifications do I need to become a Data Entry Specialist in California?
A Becoming a Data Entry Specialist in California typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent, along with skills in typing, familiarity with common data entry and office software, attention to detail, and sometimes previous experience in a similar role or industry-specific knowledge depending on the employer.
Q How do I find Data Entry Specialist job openings in California?
A Data Entry Specialist job openings in California can be found on various job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Craigslist, as well as on company career pages. Networking, attending job fairs, and registering with temp agencies that specialize in clerical roles can also be effective strategies.
Q What industries hire Data Entry Specialists in California?
A Data Entry Specialists are hired across various industries in California, including healthcare, finance, government, retail, technology, and any other sector that requires the processing of large amounts of data or information management.
Q How does the salary of a Data Entry Specialist in California compare to other states?
A The salary for Data Entry Specialists in California can be influenced by the cost of living, which is higher than many other states. As a result, salaries may be more competitive in California to reflect this, although they can vary widely depending on the city, company size, and experience level of the candidate.

List of Job Postings for Data Entry Specialists in California

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