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CAD 41,785 /yr

Average Base Pay

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Average annual salary:

CAD 33,020

Lower end of salary range

CAD 38,400

Average of salary range

CAD 43,680

Higher end of salary range

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Latest Caregivers Jobs

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Job Title Company Salary
child caregiver - private home ZC Family CAD 33,322
child caregiver - private home Daniel Peleg CAD 32,760
family caregiver MiCo Private Household CAD 37,440
child caregiver - private home RoGo Private Household CAD 37,440
child caregiver - private home Paula Cheaib CAD 34,320
Caregiver wanted Personal Care Giver CAD 33,280
Part Time Companion/Caregiver Veritas Seniors Concierge Inc. CAD 37,554
live-in caregiver - seniors Hua Chen Lo and Hua Kin Lo CAD 33,280
Child caregiver - private home Harsimran Pasricha CAD 34,840

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Caregivers job postings and salaries in Canada:

Q How can I find caregiver job openings in Canada?
A To find caregiver job openings in Canada, you can search on online job portals such as Indeed, Monster, or Workopolis. Additionally, you may find opportunities through recruitment agencies that specialize in caregiving roles, or by checking the job boards of private care facilities, hospitals, and government health service websites. Networking with professionals in the industry and visiting local community boards or social media groups may also reveal job openings.
Q What qualifications are needed to apply for caregiver jobs in Canada?
A Caregiver jobs in Canada usually require a combination of formal education, such as a diploma or certificate in health care, personal support work, or a related field, and practical experience. Some positions may require specific certifications like CPR and First Aid. In-home caregivers might need to demonstrate their ability to work independently, whereas those in facility-based care may need to meet additional qualifications set by the employer. Depending on the province, registration with a regulatory body might be required. Fluency in English or French is also often necessary.
Q What is the average salary for a caregiver in Canada?
A The salary for a caregiver in Canada can vary widely based on factors such as location, experience, qualifications, and the type of care provided. Live-in caregivers may have a different pay structure compared to those who work hourly or in shifts. Generally, compensation might be discussed as an hourly wage or an annual salary. Employers may also offer additional benefits like health insurance, pension plans, or paid time off, which can affect the overall compensation package.
Q Are there special visa programs for caregivers looking to work in Canada?
A Canada has specific immigration pathways for caregivers who wish to work in the country. These programs can change over time but often include options like the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or the Home Support Worker Pilot, which offer a pathway to permanent residency for eligible candidates. Requirements for these programs typically include meeting language proficiency standards, having a certain level of education, and obtaining a valid job offer from a Canadian employer in the caregiving field.

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