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USD 43,623 /yr

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Average annual salary:

USD 35,138

Lower end of salary range

USD 39,520

Average of salary range

USD 47,512

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Job Title Company Salary
Customer Service/Dispatcher Quick Silver Courier USD 42,500
Dispatcher Veterans Medical Transport USD 35,360
Dispatcher (Logistics) CargoLoop LLC USD 39,520
Utility Dispatcher II - Water Cobb County Government USD 37,336
CSR/Dispatcher RotoRooter USD 46,800
Utility Dispatcher II - Water Cobb County Government USD 37,331
Dispatcher InHome Logistics LLC USD 42,500
Intermodal Dispatcher CONFIDENTIAL USD 52,500
Router/Dispatcher $45K + Benefits!! 1800 Radiator USD 37,440
Local Dispatcher Diamond Freight Savannah LLC USD 40,000

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Dispatchers job postings and salaries in Georgia:

Q What are the requirements for being a dispatcher in Georgia?
A Requirements for dispatcher jobs in Georgia typically include a high school diploma or GED. Additional qualifications may include strong communication skills, the ability to work under pressure, basic computer proficiency, and sometimes prior experience in a similar role or industry-specific knowledge, such as law enforcement or emergency medical services. Some employers may require dispatchers to complete a training program or obtain certification, such as the Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) certificate.
Q How do I find dispatcher job openings in Georgia?
A Dispatcher job openings in Georgia can be found through various channels, such as online job boards, government websites, company career pages, and industry-specific recruitment agencies. Networking within industry circles and attending job fairs can also present opportunities to discover openings. Additionally, some roles may be advertised in local newspapers or community boards. It's important to regularly check these resources as dispatcher positions can become available on short notice due to the nature of the job.
Q What kind of dispatcher positions are available in Georgia?
A In Georgia, there are several types of dispatcher positions available, depending on the industry and specific needs of employers. Common dispatcher roles include 911 emergency dispatchers, police dispatchers, fire dispatchers, ambulance dispatchers, trucking and transport dispatchers, and service dispatchers. These roles vary in terms of responsibility, with emergency dispatchers often requiring the ability to handle high-stress situations and coordinate rapid response efforts.
Q What can influence a dispatcher's salary in Georgia?
A A dispatcher's salary in Georgia can be influenced by several factors including the level of experience, the type of industry, any specialized skills or certifications, the size and budget of the employer, and the region within Georgia where the job is located. Generally, dispatchers with more experience or those who work in high-stress environments such as 911 emergency centers may earn higher salaries. Additionally, salaries may be higher in metropolitan areas where the cost of living and demand for skilled dispatchers are typically greater.

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