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USD 103,698 /yr

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Average annual salary:

USD 81,775

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USD 97,474

Average of salary range

USD 113,604

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Cities in Hawaii with the Most Jobs for Respiratory Therapists

Here are the top 6 cities in Hawaii with the most jobs for Respiratory Therapists and the average yearly salary in each:

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Latest Respiratory Therapists Jobs

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Job Title Company Salary
Travel Respiratory Therapist Greenstaff Medical USA USD 89,856
Travel Registered Respiratory Therapist - $1,914 per week Stability Healthcare USD 99,528
Travel Respiratory Therapist - $1,782 per week TotalMed Allied USD 92,664
Travel Registered Respiratory Therapist - $1,700 per week ICONMA USD 88,400

Companies With Most Job Postings in Hawaii For Respiratory Therapists

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Respiratory Therapists job postings and salaries in Hawaii:

Q What are the qualifications needed to become a Respiratory Therapist in Hawaii?
A To become a Respiratory Therapist in Hawaii, you need to have an associate's degree from an accredited respiratory therapy program, although a bachelor's degree is preferred by some employers. You must also pass the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) exam to become a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT). Additionally, Hawaii requires Respiratory Therapists to be licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Health.
Q What type of job opportunities are available for Respiratory Therapists in Hawaii?
A Respiratory Therapists in Hawaii can find job opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings. These include hospitals, sleep labs, outpatient clinics, pulmonary rehabilitation programs, home health care, long-term care facilities, and emergency medical services. Positions can range from direct patient care to clinical education and leadership roles.
Q How does the cost of living in Hawaii affect the salary of Respiratory Therapists?
A The cost of living in Hawaii is higher compared to the mainland United States, which can affect the salaries of Respiratory Therapists working there. Employers may offer higher wages to compensate for the higher cost of living. However, salary adjustments vary by employer and may also be influenced by an individual's experience and qualifications.
Q Are Respiratory Therapists in demand in Hawaii?
A Respiratory Therapists are generally in demand in healthcare markets across the United States, including Hawaii, due in part to an aging population and the prevalence of respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This demand can be influenced by factors such as healthcare policy, population health trends, and the local healthcare infrastructure.

List of Job Postings for Respiratory Therapists in Hawaii

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