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USD 134,932 /yr

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Average annual salary:

USD 115,000

Lower end of salary range

USD 122,500

Average of salary range

USD 155,850

Higher end of salary range

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Job Title Company Salary
Network Security Engineer Stockell Consulting USD 115,000

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Network Security Engineers job postings and salaries in Missouri:

Q What are the typical job responsibilities of a Network Security Engineer in Missouri?
A The typical job responsibilities of a Network Security Engineer in Missouri include designing and implementing secure network solutions to protect against advanced cyber threats, conducting regular system tests, monitoring network traffic for unusual activity, and implementing security standards and best practices. They may also be responsible for responding to security breaches and providing technical support for security-related issues.
Q Which skills are essential for a Network Security Engineer working in Missouri?
A Essential skills for a Network Security Engineer in Missouri include a deep understanding of networking protocols and security measures, proficiency with firewall and intrusion detection/prevention systems, knowledge of risk assessment tools, and familiarity with various operating systems. They also need to have analytical skills to assess system vulnerabilities, problem-solving skills to address security incidents, and communication skills to articulate security policies and procedures to other team members and stakeholders.
Q What type of education and certifications are important for a Network Security Engineer role in Missouri?
A A bachelor's degree in information security, computer science, or a related field is often a requirement for Network Security Engineer roles in Missouri. Additionally, certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or CompTIA Security+ can enhance job prospects and signal expertise to potential employers.
Q Are Network Security Engineer positions in demand in Missouri?
A Network Security Engineer positions are generally in demand in Missouri, as in many other states. Due to the increasing frequency of cyber attacks and the need to safeguard sensitive data, there is a consistent need for skilled professionals capable of designing and maintaining secure networks. Public and private sector organizations alike seek qualified individuals to protect against and mitigate the damage from security breaches.

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