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USD 112,408 /yr

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Average annual salary:

USD 91,300

Lower end of salary range

USD 120,000

Average of salary range

USD 122,720

Higher end of salary range

Cities in Ohio with the Most Jobs for Data Warehouse Developers

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Job Title Company Salary
Data Warehouse Developer - only local to Ohio Cloud Shift Technologies LLC USD 88,400

Companies With Most Job Postings in Ohio For Data Warehouse Developers

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Data Warehouse Developers job postings and salaries in Ohio:

Q What qualifications are required to become a Data Warehouse Developer in Ohio?
A Typically, a Data Warehouse Developer in Ohio is expected to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. Employers may also look for candidates with experience in database design, data modeling, ETL processes, SQL, and familiarity with data warehousing technologies. Some positions may require specific certifications or knowledge of certain business intelligence (BI) tools.
Q What are the typical responsibilities of a Data Warehouse Developer?
A A Data Warehouse Developer is responsible for designing and maintaining data storage solutions that support an organization's data analysis and reporting needs. They develop ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, ensure data quality and integrity, optimize data retrieval, and may also create data models and reports. Collaboration with analysts, IT teams, and business units is often part of the role to understand requirements and deliver solutions that meet business objectives.
Q How does the job market for Data Warehouse Developers in Ohio compare to other locations?
A The job market for Data Warehouse Developers in Ohio generally reflects regional demand for IT professionals, which can fluctuate based on local economic conditions, the presence of key industries, and the level of technological adoption by companies in the region. Candidates may find a varying number of opportunities compared to tech hubs or larger metropolitan areas where the demand for IT and data-related roles might be higher.
Q Are there career advancement opportunities for Data Warehouse Developers in Ohio?
A Career advancement opportunities for Data Warehouse Developers in Ohio include progression into senior developer roles, which often involve more complex project management and leadership responsibilities. Some data warehouse developers may also specialize further in areas such as business intelligence, data architecture, or database administration, or move into data analytics or data science positions. Additional education, certifications, and hands-on experience can facilitate these transitions.

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