Dispatchers Salaries in Quebec


Job Postings

CAD 51,885 /yr

Average Base Pay

Low Average High

Average annual salary:

CAD 44,000

Lower end of salary range

CAD 50,000

Average of salary range

CAD 59,280

Higher end of salary range

Cities in Quebec with the Most Jobs for Dispatchers

Here are the top 6 cities in Quebec with the most jobs for Dispatchers and the average yearly salary in each:

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Latest Dispatchers Jobs

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Job Title Company Salary
Dispatcher - East Center UNITED PARCEL SERVICE CAD 35,984
bus dispatcher Le Groupe Swiftrans et ses filiales CAD 43,680
radio dispatcher Ville de Mascouche CAD 73,278
dispatcher, taxis TAXI LAURIER STEFOY (1981) INC. CAD 37,440

Companies With Most Job Postings in Quebec For Dispatchers

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Dispatchers job postings and salaries in Quebec:

Q What are the qualifications required for dispatcher job openings in Quebec?
A Qualifications typically include a high school diploma or the equivalent and strong communication skills. Some employers may require fluency in both French and English due to Quebec's bilingual nature. Additional qualifications can include relevant work experience, knowledge of dispatch software, and sometimes specific certifications related to transportation or emergency services.
Q How do I find dispatcher job openings in Quebec?
A Dispatcher job openings in Quebec can be found on various job boards, company websites, and through local employment services. Networking within the industry and attending job fairs can also provide leads on new openings. Considering Quebec's linguistic requirements, checking with local Francophone and bilingual job boards might increase your chances of finding available positions.
Q What is the average salary for a dispatcher in Quebec?
A The average salary for a dispatcher in Quebec varies by factors such as experience, specific industry, and the size of the company. While exact numbers are excluded, salaries typically range from entry-level positions to more experienced roles, with variation seen between different cities and regions within Quebec. Salary often reflects the cost of living in different areas, level of responsibility, and shift patterns, such as night shifts or weekend work.
Q Are there career advancement opportunities for dispatchers in Quebec?
A Yes, dispatchers in Quebec have opportunities for career advancement. With experience, a dispatcher can move into supervisory or management roles, or specialize in certain types of dispatch such as emergency services, aviation, or trucking. Professional development courses and additional certifications can also enhance prospects for advancement. Employers might also offer internal advancement opportunities to experienced dispatchers who have demonstrated skill and reliability.

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