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CAD 64,728 /yr

Average Base Pay

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Average annual salary:

CAD 54,080

Lower end of salary range

CAD 60,320

Average of salary range

CAD 83,200

Higher end of salary range

Cities in Quebec with the Most Jobs for Quality Assurances

Here are the top 6 cities in Quebec with the most jobs for Quality Assurances and the average yearly salary in each:

CompTool's Squirrel includes 88 jobs postings for Quality Assurances in cities across Quebec.

Latest Quality Assurances Jobs

Discover the latest competitive salaries for Quality Assurances in Quebec.

Job Title Company Salary
quality assurance technologist Atelier D'usinage Megatech CAD 56,160
QA Automation - Lead Tekshapers Inc CAD 109,200
quality assurance officer Soleno inc. CAD 51,251
quality assurance technologist ProFlex Rubber CAD 75,000
quality assurance officer Abipa Canada inc. CAD 60,018
QA (quality assurance) analyst - informatics Loginnove CAD 56,500
quality assurance officer Cannara Biotech (Québec) inc CAD 50,000
quality assurance officer ALIPROMISTRAL INGREDIENTS INC. CAD 45,760

Companies With Most Job Postings in Quebec For Quality Assurances

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Quality Assurances job postings and salaries in Quebec:

Q What are the typical job responsibilities for a Quality Assurance (QA) position in Quebec?
A Quality Assurance (QA) job responsibilities in Quebec typically involve developing and implementing quality assurance policies, conducting tests and inspections, identifying product defects or issues, coordinating with the production team to achieve quality standards, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
Q What qualifications are required for a QA job in Quebec?
A Qualifications for a QA job in Quebec generally include a degree or diploma in a related field such as quality management or engineering. Additional certifications such as CQA or ASQ may be preferred. Relevant experience in quality control or assurance is often required, and proficiency in both English and French can be beneficial.
Q How does the QA job market in Quebec compare to the rest of Canada?
A The QA job market in Quebec is comparable to the rest of Canada with a range of opportunities in various industries, including manufacturing, software development, and pharmaceuticals. However, the bilingual nature of Quebec may influence the demand for QA professionals who are proficient in both French and English, potentially offering a competitive edge to bilingual candidates.
Q Are there opportunities for career advancement in the QA field in Quebec?
A Yes, there are opportunities for career advancement in the QA field in Quebec. Professionals can advance to senior QA analyst roles, QA team leadership, or QA management positions. Continuous learning, additional certifications, and experience can facilitate progression to higher responsibility roles within organizations.

List of Job Postings for Quality Assurances in Quebec

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