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CAD 42,537 /yr

Average Base Pay

Low Average High

Average annual salary:

CAD 37,440

Lower end of salary range

CAD 43,160

Average of salary range

CAD 47,840

Higher end of salary range

Cities in Quebec with the Most Jobs for Shipping/Receivings

Here are the top 6 cities in Quebec with the most jobs for Shipping/Receivings and the average yearly salary in each:

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Latest Shipping/Receivings Jobs

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Job Title Company Salary
shipping and receiving clerk Produits de services publics Innova Inc. CAD 41,257
shipping and receiving clerk LES IMPRESSIONS 2001 INC. CAD 47,840
shipping and receiving clerk Arvika CAD 43,500
shipping and receiving clerk Excellence Peterbilt CAD 43,784
shipping and receiving clerk Evapco Systems LMP CAD 45,864
shipping and receiving clerk Caoutchoucs et Plastiques Falpaco inc. CAD 51,480
shipping and receiving clerk Construction Gély inc. CAD 52,000
shipping and receiving clerk Équipements ESF inc. CAD 44,720
shipping and receiving clerk Graphiscan Longueuil CAD 37,440
Responsable de l'expédition/réception - Shipping/Receiving Supervisor Groupe Promax CAD 55,120

Companies With Most Job Postings in Quebec For Shipping/Receivings

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Shipping/Receivings job postings and salaries in Quebec:

Q What are the common job responsibilities for shipping/receiving positions in Quebec?
A Common responsibilities for shipping/receiving positions in Quebec include managing inventory, handling the packing and unpacking of goods, coordinating with transportation providers for shipments, maintaining accurate shipping records, and ensuring that products are shipped and received on time.
Q What qualifications are needed for a shipping/receiving job in Quebec?
A Qualifications for a shipping/receiving job in Quebec typically include a high school diploma or equivalent, experience in warehousing or logistics, proficiency in inventory software, and in some cases, certification in forklift operation or other relevant equipment. Proficiency in French can also be a requirement due to the location.
Q Are there particular certifications that can benefit someone looking for a shipping/receiving job in Quebec?
A Yes, certifications such as forklift operation, transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training can be beneficial for someone seeking a shipping/receiving job in Quebec. Additional certifications in supply chain management or logistics can also enhance job prospects and potential career advancement.
Q How can one advance their career in shipping/receiving in Quebec?
A To advance a career in shipping/receiving in Quebec, individuals can gain additional experience in leadership roles, pursue further education in supply chain management or logistics, obtain certifications pertinent to the industry, and demonstrate strong performance in organizational, communication, and logistical skills.

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