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AUD 104,999 /yr

Average Base Pay

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Average annual salary:

AUD 110,000

Lower end of salary range

AUD 110,000

Average of salary range

AUD 110,000

Higher end of salary range

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Job Title Company Salary
Chaplain Royal Australian Air Force AUD 100,000

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Chaplains job postings and salaries in South Australia:

Q How can I find chaplain job openings in South Australia?
A To find chaplain job openings in South Australia, you can start by checking online job boards, visiting the websites of religious organizations, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, military branches, and correction facilities. You may also network through professional associations, attending conferences related to chaplaincy, and connecting with local religious communities for potential opportunities.
Q What qualifications are required for chaplain jobs in South Australia?
A Qualifications for chaplain jobs in South Australia typically include having a background in theology or religious studies, endorsement by a recognized religious group, and sometimes clinical pastoral education (CPE). In addition, employers often require chaplains to have relevant pastoral experience, good interpersonal skills, and the ability to offer spiritual guidance and support to people from various religious and cultural backgrounds.
Q Do I need to be ordained to work as a chaplain in South Australia?
A Being ordained may be a requirement for certain chaplain positions in South Australia, especially those associated with specific religious denominations or institutions. However, some roles may accept candidates who are not ordained but possess equivalent professional experience and education in pastoral care or theology.
Q What is the typical salary range for a chaplain in South Australia?
A The salary range for a chaplain in South Australia can vary widely depending on the employer, the chaplain's experience, qualifications, and the specific nature of the role. Factors such as the type of institution (e.g., healthcare, educational, military, or correctional facility), part-time versus full-time hours, and additional responsibilities can all influence the compensation package for chaplaincy positions.

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