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USD 39,397 /yr

Average Base Pay

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Average annual salary:

USD 37,960

Lower end of salary range

USD 39,520

Average of salary range

USD 42,432

Higher end of salary range

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Job Title Company Salary
Material Handler | Full-time | 3rd shift schedule Schewels Home USD 45,760
Material Handler Malloy Electric USD 35,360

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to Material Handlers job postings and salaries in South Dakota:

Q What are the requirements for becoming a material handler in South Dakota?
A Requirements for becoming a material handler in South Dakota typically include a high school diploma or equivalent, physical fitness to perform manual labor, and, in some cases, experience with warehouse operations and equipment such as forklifts. Employers may also seek candidates with good organizational skills and the ability to follow safety procedures.
Q What duties does a material handler perform in South Dakota?
A A material handler in South Dakota is responsible for managing inventory, moving products, loading and unloading materials from vehicles, organizing stock within the warehouse, and potentially operating machinery such as forklifts. They must also adhere to safety management and ensure that all handling is done efficiently and without damage.
Q How does one find material handler job openings in South Dakota?
A Material handler job openings in South Dakota can be found by checking local job boards, company websites, and career sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Networking, attending job fairs, and visiting staffing agencies that specialize in warehouse or industrial positions can also be effective ways to discover opportunities.
Q How do material handler salaries in South Dakota compare with other states?
A Material handler salaries in South Dakota can vary based on factors such as experience, the specific industry, and the employer. Generally, salaries in South Dakota may be influenced by regional cost of living and job demand. Comparatively, they might be lower than in states with higher living costs, but it's important to consider the overall economic context and individual company offerings when evaluating salary information.

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