Golden Parachute
Golden parachute clauses are usually related to the departure of senior executives as a consequence of a merger or acquisition. Severance compensation might be a flat amount, a bonus, stock options, or the realization of previously awarded remuneration. The employment contract of most companies has explicit wording that specifies when the golden parachute provision will be activated.
Golden Handcuffs
Golden handcuffs can be a great way to drive employee retention, but sometimes a little turnover can be a good thing. Don't let your Golden Handcuffs become tarnished.
Confused Compensation Analyst
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Walmart has lowered starting rates for many roles, grabbing headlines, nationwide. What makes for sexy headlines, the savy Compensation Analyst will see this as business as usual.
Two teams wearing competitive pay jerseys
Competitive pay is a cornerstone responsibility of the Compensation Analyst. This article explores what both the employees and employers must consider with the highly personal topic.
Dreaming of Salary Structures
A Guide for Creating a Salary Structure A salary structure is an effective tool for an […]
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career frameworks
The image, below, is a typical career framework for a Finance Department with both payroll and […]