Image of a Compensation Administration Guideline
Salary Administration Guidelines serve as a tool developed by Compensation and HR teams that provides for […]
Finding the right dollar
How Salary Surveys Are Used: A 1-Pager for Managers Salary surveys are a key part of […]
A Sample Pay Range Explanation for Employees At [YOUR COMPANY NAME], we believe that pay is […]
career frameworks
The image, below, is a typical career framework for a Finance Department with both payroll and […]
Which survey to choose
Choosing the right salary surveys for your organization is an essential task for the Compensation team. The cost of salary surveys can be considerable, but the cost of using the wrong salary survey can carry significantly greater costs. This article will provide a list of questions to ask yourself and the salary survey provider when making this important decision.
Discounting Market Data
As compensation professionals, there are times when we need to apply premiums or discounts to the […]
Interim Pay Assignments
When employees are on an interim assignment, they are often asked to take on additional responsibilities, […]
Who Owns Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions: Who Should Own Them? Job descriptions are a critical component of any organization’s human […]
Compensation Business Review
Compensation Business Reviews are regulary scheduled discussions with key business stakeholders about the state of compensation in their Department or Division.
How to effectively use an employee's pay history to tell the whole story of their total rewards history.